Update-X-Files Movie Meet Saturday 7/26/08

The local showtimes have just been posted and we will be heading to the 3:45pm showtime at Entertainment Cinemas in Seymour, CT on Saturday (7/26) followed by Dinner right after the show at Zoi's Pizza up the road for 6pm.

A reminder message will be posted late Thursday.

The early admission price at this theater is $6.00 and dinner will be in the $7-$20 range.

We will likely head to my apartment a block away from the restaurant and we will likely go out for ice cream after dinner digests.

If you are planning to attend please let me know no later that Friday the 25th in the event I need to inform the restaurant of a large group. Please send a private email to wallyfox 98 at hotmail.com.

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I've decided to end the New Years Eve tradition of eating Chinese food for dinner...

It's hard work with little pay off... People crowd the lobby of your favorite restaurant,while waiting for a take-out order they called in 4 hours prior.

It takes an hour for them to seat you and one other guest, because they won't take reservations -- just on New Years Eve.

You finally sit down, and you get a smaller version of their regular menu, called "New Years Eve Menu" -- with the most popular dishes, only.

They take longer than usual to get the food to your table, and once it's there it tastes different -- under cooked, lacking freshness, and small portioned.

After this under-par meal, I asked myself... why? Why does EVERYONE get Chinese food on NYE? I don't really have to, so next year I'm going for Japanese Steak House, or Thai!

vanilla coke is back, bitches!

Olivia's Pizza
379 Amherst St
Nashua, NH

A pleasant surprise, actually. I had given up on local sub/pizza shops (since nothing has measured up to Giovanni's lately), but this place is great... The prices are pretty standard for your typical sub/salad/pizza/fried/take-out restaurant. I ordered the Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad, with a Vanilla Coke! I nearly passed out when i realized what I saw in front of me... The very soda that I fell in love with years ago, that had been discontinued for stupid-fucking Cherry/Vanilla Coke! I had no idea it was coming back, and I am very excited about it!! Anyway, the chicken had been marinating in something delicious, was grilled to perfection, and stuffed inside a pretty big salad. The croutons were a little stale, but who eats those anyway? My friends got pizza -again- and loved it. I have yet to try it, as this was my first visit.

Highly recommended!
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cool site

I came across this website tonight:


you can choose between American, Family Friendly, Seafood, Chinese, or Italian. Then you can choose a state from New England, and sort their list by price, rating, or alphabetical.

I'm curious about most of the places this list came up with... haven't heard of many of the non-chain restaurants.

As much as I like reading reviews and seeing a price rating, I don't know if I trust these critics.

Not Bad.

Szechuan Garden
108 Fisherville Road
Concord, NH 03303

After hearing great reviews about this restaurant I was very excited to try it. I was recommended the Sesame Chicken, tried it and wasn't very satisfied. I think the chicken itself tasted great. It was tender and juicy. The sauce however lacked even the slightest hint of Sesame. I want my sesame chicken covered in sesame seeds, not lost in the sauce all over the plate!

The atmosphere was kind of nice... quiet, clean, a pretty nice wait staff. The prices were definitely less than a typical Chinese Restaurant... I'm glad it was cheaper than what I pay at Lilac Blossom, because it definitely wasn't as delicious.

Lilac Blossom is still the best!

Good Review

The Airport Diner
Brown Ave (exit 2, off 293)
Manchester, NH

The Airport Diner
is conveniently located off the exit you take to get to the Manchester Airport. It's attached to the Holiday Inn, so it's very easy to find upon your first visit. The Diner has plenty of "old school, 50's diner" attributes... with an all around theme of "planes". As for the food, it wasn't the best breakfast I've ever had, but it was definitely excellent compared to most greasy-spoon diners. Actually, it's probably one of the better breakfasts I've had in the Southern New Hampshire area. I ordered a Coffee, a blueberry pancake, home fried potatoes, and 2 eggs scrambled. The portion size was perfect for me, but probably not for a big-breakfast eater... [however I ordered one of the smaller meals on the menu.] Our waitress was really cool, our booth was comfortable, and the price was right. I would definitely eat there again.

make it a stop on your next trip to or from the airport!

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For lunch today my friend Catie and I went to Zaftigs, on Harvard St. in Brookline. She'd been there once before and got a breakfast she really liked, and I'd never been. We got there around 2, and the place was packed. We were told it would be about a half an hour wait, but ten or fifteen minutes into that a waitress going by mentioned that there were plenty of seats at the counter, so we scooted over and snagged two. We were immediately given bagel chips with a tasty cream-cheesy(?) dip, and the rest of the service was quick as well. Catie got a tuna melt and a baked potato. I guess there wasn't any mayo in the tuna, which she found unusual but not unpleasant, and the potato was good. I got a meatloaf melt, which had a good sized chunk of meatloaf that I think probably had barbecue sauce in it with tomato, cheese, and cajun ketchup on a bulkie roll. It was really delicious, and I want to go back soon to get some knishes.

Later in the day we were still on Harvard, but down in Allston where it intersects Brighton Ave. at Herrell's. I got some hot chocolate that I have to admit was mediocre, and Catie got a steamed milk with a shot of gingerbread flavoring that she said was really good. It was way too cold for it, but in general that place has super excellent malt vanilla ice cream that I love. It is also pretty much my favorite place around Boston for people watching. So many hipsters!

While I'm blathering... Dunkin Donuts' white hot chocolate... thumbs up.
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I consider the following restaurants in the same "class" of chain. 
and here's what i think of each of them...

Ninety Nine: It really is the best in my opinion. more than enough good choices, and very reasonably priced!
Chili's: tastey at first, until all the grease settles in.

Applebees: steadily becoming Chili's.

TGIFridays: (see applebees) with horrible service to boot.

Uno's Chicago Bar & Grill: With the exception of the specialty pizza's, waaaaay too over-priced!
Ruby Tuesdays: Never liked the fact that a manager once approached my table to warn me about their anti-salad sharing policy, but now i'm not a fan of their $2.29 cokes, nor the small portioned spinach & artichoke dip.

Shorty's: ... what's the point?

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I recently found out that the Lilac Blossom on East Dunstable road in Nashua, NH failed 2 health inspections last year [2006]. One of them was for storing chicken in a warm temperature. 

Needless to say, I'll only be eating at the Amherst Street location from now on!

I also realized how stupid i've been for spending too much money on chinese food... think about it... Sesame Chicken, General Taos, etc. Usually $10-14, and usually dark, chewy meat. Anywhere else that kind of money would get you large portions of ALL WHITE MEAT. So why is it so expensive to get dark meat at a Chinese restaurant?