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Good Rockport eat...

I was in Rockport, MA with my aunt this evening and we went to Brackett's on the beach. Here's the scoop on our eats...

Appetizer: Coconut shrimp; nice and sweet. They were pretty big, too. I don't recall the price, but whatever it was, they were worth it :)

Entrees: We both got the lobster casserole, which was great. The filling (besides lobster) was cream, butter, and sherry; I liked it because the other ingredients went well with the lobster, but didn't overpower it. Each plate was $22.95, which isn't too bad for lobster, and came with potato, veggie, and salad. There was a ton of seafood on the menu, the place being in Rockport, but there was also steak and some chicken. Prices all around weren't bad.

Dessert: I had apple pie ala mode ($3.95) and she had grapenut custard ($2-3). I really liked mine and she didn't complain about hers, so I'm assuming it was good. One thing I liked about them was they weren't huge; they were portioned just right. I hate when places give you a giant dessert that you can never finish.

Complaints: I had asked for clam chowder with my meal and they *gasp* didn't have any! It was on the menu, but I guess they ran out, so the waitress offered me fish chowder. I asked what fish they used in it and she didn't seem to know the answer, so I didn't get it. She seemed a little on the unenthusiastic side compared to the rest of the staff, but there's one in every restaurant I guess.

Overall, the place was nice. Good atmosphere, too; nice views of the ocean and all. I would recommend it.
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