Melissa (sublimefish) wrote in newengland_eats,

Good Review

The Airport Diner
Brown Ave (exit 2, off 293)
Manchester, NH

The Airport Diner
is conveniently located off the exit you take to get to the Manchester Airport. It's attached to the Holiday Inn, so it's very easy to find upon your first visit. The Diner has plenty of "old school, 50's diner" attributes... with an all around theme of "planes". As for the food, it wasn't the best breakfast I've ever had, but it was definitely excellent compared to most greasy-spoon diners. Actually, it's probably one of the better breakfasts I've had in the Southern New Hampshire area. I ordered a Coffee, a blueberry pancake, home fried potatoes, and 2 eggs scrambled. The portion size was perfect for me, but probably not for a big-breakfast eater... [however I ordered one of the smaller meals on the menu.] Our waitress was really cool, our booth was comfortable, and the price was right. I would definitely eat there again.

make it a stop on your next trip to or from the airport!
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