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vanilla coke is back, bitches!

Olivia's Pizza
379 Amherst St
Nashua, NH

A pleasant surprise, actually. I had given up on local sub/pizza shops (since nothing has measured up to Giovanni's lately), but this place is great... The prices are pretty standard for your typical sub/salad/pizza/fried/take-out restaurant. I ordered the Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad, with a Vanilla Coke! I nearly passed out when i realized what I saw in front of me... The very soda that I fell in love with years ago, that had been discontinued for stupid-fucking Cherry/Vanilla Coke! I had no idea it was coming back, and I am very excited about it!! Anyway, the chicken had been marinating in something delicious, was grilled to perfection, and stuffed inside a pretty big salad. The croutons were a little stale, but who eats those anyway? My friends got pizza -again- and loved it. I have yet to try it, as this was my first visit.

Highly recommended!
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