Melissa (sublimefish) wrote in newengland_eats,


I've decided to end the New Years Eve tradition of eating Chinese food for dinner...

It's hard work with little pay off... People crowd the lobby of your favorite restaurant,while waiting for a take-out order they called in 4 hours prior.

It takes an hour for them to seat you and one other guest, because they won't take reservations -- just on New Years Eve.

You finally sit down, and you get a smaller version of their regular menu, called "New Years Eve Menu" -- with the most popular dishes, only.

They take longer than usual to get the food to your table, and once it's there it tastes different -- under cooked, lacking freshness, and small portioned.

After this under-par meal, I asked myself... why? Why does EVERYONE get Chinese food on NYE? I don't really have to, so next year I'm going for Japanese Steak House, or Thai!
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